Questions answered...

How long does it take to complete my website?

If all goes well, you can expect to have your new website completed and online in around 4 to 5 weeks. Generally speaking, copywriting is often the biggest stumbling block to completion, so having at least a draft in place will keep the project moving along. Once the website takes shape, draft copy and placeholder images can be updated.

What do I do about a domain name and hosting?

If you haven't already done so, then you will need to purchase a domain name (eg: and hosting. There are lots of options out there but a general "business" hosting plan will be sufficient for most businesses needs, at a reasonable cost per year. If you already have hosting, then it is a simple matter to replace the old site with the new.

How do I update my website?

You don't need to! My experience has shown that leaving you to manage a complex CMS (Content Management System) in which to do your own updates often ends in frustration and wasted time. By leaving updates to me you'll be getting the benefits of my design experience as well as saving your own sanity.

How do I get my website listed on Google?

The searchbots will do it for you. After your website is completed and ready for the big stage, a sitemap file is submitted to the major search engines informing them of the new site. The searchbots will begin indexing your site and then your new website should start appearing in all major search engines, including Google and Bing.

How can I monitor my website's performance?

As a matter of course I install Google Analytics on every website. This analysis tool will enable you to login and see how your customers are using your site, from the number of visitors, what pages they visit, how long they stay on each page, and even whether they are on a PC or a Mac. The best part is it's free and easy to install.

What on-going costs are there?

Any changes or updates to the website such as adding new pages, updating text or images, setting up forms, etc are quoted as needed. I can also help with any other collateral you may need to promote your business, such as logos, brochures, stationery, press adverts, whatever! Just ask.